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[17 Aug 2007|07:33pm]
Welcome to Shaded Icons. This icon journal is run and maintained by overshaded. If you'd like to watch updates here, then by all means, please do. Icons will be sorted by series in this journal's memories. So previous icons sorted by anime/manga/etc can be found there. FYI: I make icons of the current fandoms I'm interested in.

Right now I am focusing on: One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, and Full Metal Alchemist -- with occassional stuff from other series, etc.

Rules are simple. If you take something, please comment and credit. That's all I ask. Also, I know that I stink, so if you're trying to bring this to my attention, keep it to yourself. I DO value constructed criticism, though! So if you have it, I'll take it!

If you'd like to request a certain character or series, please submit it via *this post*. That put aside, please SCROLL DOWN FOR ICON UPDATES.

Thank you for stopping by, and I hope that you like what you see.

If you'd like to affiliate -- because I'd love to do that, then please post here.

Shaded Icons Banner/button CodesCollapse )
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[25 Jul 2006|10:24pm]
Wow. I haven't made any icons since JANUARY. But, yeah. I STILL suck. That's a given. And I still don't like to add text unless I really see a need for it. And I can't use a brush to save my life. Only one of these icons has text on it -- and it's not much. So, just letting you know that THESE ICONS ARE NOT BASES. That said, please comment and credit {this part is required} if you take anything. Thanks!

Ouran High School Host Club
x o6 [ Tamaki ]
x o3 [ Kyouya ]
x o7 [ Kaoru and/or Hikaru ]
x o7 [ Honey]
x o1 [ Mori]
tOTAL iCONS; x o24

- -

Kiss, kiss. Fall in love.Collapse )
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[02 Jan 2006|04:28pm]

Ahem. Wow, sorry for all the One Piece lately. Is it obvious that I really dislike putting text on icons? I am SO UNCREATIVE. And I feel guilty. Because these suck as usual annnnd I literally did most of them in like..a minute, tops. So I feel guilty of uncreativity. But, yanno, whatever.

If for some reason you like any, feel free to take them. Comments are nice but not required. Credit, however is. Thanks for once again surviving my rambling. Happy 06~

Hopefully expect Bleach, Naruto, One Piece, and Chronicles of Narnia in my next post. I REALLY want to do some Narnia icons. Mr. Tumnus ♥. And I'd love to icon that beautiful Bleach musical.

One Piece
x o6 [ Luffy ]
x o2 [ Zoro ]
x o1 [ Zoro/Sanji ]
x o5 [ Sanji ]
x o1 [ Usopp ]
x o1 [ Nami ]
x o1 [ Chopper ]
x o1 [ Ace ]
x o2 [ Vivi ]
x o1 [ Going Merry ]
tOTAL iCONS; x o21


We are on the cruiseCollapse )
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[26 Dec 2005|05:34pm]

o1 x [ Luffy ]
o1 x [ Zoro ]
o1 x [ Nami ]
o1 x [ Usopp ]
o1 x [ Sanji ]

Please comment if you take. ♥ Just copy and paste the code in your userinfo, wherever. Credit is appreciated, but not required. I do want the link in the code to stay there, though. Thanks, KBYE!

Teaser {not scaled to size}:

One Piece is silly pirate versus pirate loveCollapse )
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[25 Dec 2005|07:15pm]
HAHA, WAS BORED TODAY! These stink, yes, I know that. But, eeh. They're mostly Luffy -- even though he's not my favorite character. He just makes the best faces. ♥ Comments are nice, but not required. Credit IS required, though. Thanks for stopping by!

o13 x [ Luffy ]
o2 x [ Shanks ]
o3 x [ Buggy ]

tOTAL iCONS; x o18


Can't bury it. Can't smother it.Collapse )

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[03 Dec 2005|12:54am]
HAHA, WHOAAAAH. I haven't made any icons in MONTHS. Well, I got bored today and decided to see how bad I've become over time. I just got into the One Piece fandom actually only a week or so ago. But I'm already diving far down into it. Love it. Soooo, all your pirates out there, I hope that these cruddy peices of untreasure are still worth your look! Thanks a lot for stopping by. Hopefully I'll find time between work and school to work on getting better. And then I'll post good icons! Though I doubt that day will ever come, alas. Ten gold coins and a cookie to whoever can figure out my two favorite OP characters. *cough*

o2 x [ Luffy ]
o6 x [ Sanji ]
o3 x [ Sanji/Zoro ]
o1 x [ Zoro ]
tOTAL iCONS; x o12


Sweet lollipops of nicotineeeeCollapse )

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[02 Aug 2005|12:11am]
Quickee update! It's been almost a month since I've last updated. Old icontest entries have gathered up in that time enough for me to make a post of them. *Cackle* Okay, well, some are new. I hope that they are worth your view. You know the rules, the same old-same old. If you take, comment and credit. It has been nice doing business with you. >)

--The "Overshaded" one.

o1 x [ Sasuke ]
o1 x [ Naruto/Sasuke ]
o1 x [ Shikamaru ]
o1 x [ Kakashi/Iruka ]
o1 x [ Sasuke/Sakura ]
o1 x [ Sakura ]
o1 x [ Rock Lee ]
tOTAL iCONS; x o7

o3 x [ Edward ]
o1 x [ Armstrong's Sister ]
o1 x [ Hughes ]
tOTAL iCONS; x o5

o1 x [ Kagura ]
o1 x [ Group ]
o1 x [ Kyoko ]
o1 x [ Shigure ]
o1 x [ Tohru/Momiji ]
tOTAL iCONS; x o5

o3 x [ Ichigo ]
o1 x [ Ichigo/Kenpachi ]
o2 x [ Ishida ]
o1 x [ Aizen ]
o1 x [ Isshin ]
o2 x [ Soi Fong ]
tOTAL iCONS; x o10


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[04 Jul 2005|07:53pm]
I come bearing...A CRAP LOAD. XD Really, 30 some icons in one post is..unheard of for me thus far. But I did it. A few are old (you can tell), but a lot are new too. The Mahoro ones are dedicated to a good friend of mine, kyouchou -- because she is THE biggest Mahoro fan in the entire world.

Anyways, if you take COMMENT and CREDIT. Again, I thank you for stopping by and I hope that you like what you see.

o7 x [ Mahoro ]
o2 x [ Mahoro/Minawa ]
o1 x [ Mahoro/Suguru]
tOTAL iCONS; x o10

o4 x [ Rin ]
o1 x [ Tsunade ]
o1 x [ Sakura]
tOTAL iCONS; x o6

o2 x [ Edward ]
o1 x [ Wrath ]*
tOTAL iCONS; x o3

o4 x [ Kyou ]*
o1 x [ Kyou/Tohru ]
o1 x [ Yuki/Tohru ]
o2 x [ Kakeru ]
o1 x [ Momiji ]
o1 x [ Uo ]*
o1 x [ Kagura ]*
tOTAL iCONS; x 11

o1 x Kenshin/Kaoru
o1 x Kenshin
tOTAL iCONS; x o2

MahoromaticCollapse )
NarutoCollapse )
Full Metal AlchemistCollapse )
Fruits BasketCollapse )
Rurouni KenshinCollapse )

*'s = Icons that have won awards.
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BLEACH;; [18 Jun 2005|11:41pm]
I was bored again. Thus icon making. x3 I'm not proud of these at all. ;;;; But I thought I'd post them anyways. Hopefully there is atleast one or two that are worthy your view. xD My friend was complaining at her lack of Hitsu and Hana icons. So this is partly for her, I guess.

If you take, comment and credit in keywords. Again, thanks for looking! Make sure you tell your dad "Happy Father's Day" tomorrow. ♥

o7 x [ Hanatarou ]
o4 x [ Hitsugaya ]
o1 x [ Hitsugaya / Hinamori ]
o2 x [ Ichigo ]
tOTAL iCONS; x o14


...but don't say things like 'I can't laugh' or 'I hate people'...Collapse )

pENDING rEQUESTS; o1 -- next update: Naruto and possibly Bleach or FMA.
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[09 Jun 2005|12:30am]
Just a quickee Bleach update. I was bored today and had some free time (I always seem to have that..). I hope that I'm up to expectations. ;;
Rules are simple. If you take something, comment and credit.
Thanks a bunch for stopping by! ^__^ My next batch will probably be a mixture of Bleach and Naruto. Speacial thanks to aine_silveria for resizing number 1 for me. ♥

x o1 [ Kon ]
x o2 [ Ichigo ]
x o1 [ Yoruichi-san ]
x o3 [ Renji ]
x o2 [ Gin]
x o2 [ Hitsugaya ]
x o1 [ Sado/Chad ]
x o1 [ Urahara ]
tOTAL iCONS; x o13


I want to protect you and your fading smile...Collapse )
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NARUTO;;; [15 May 2005|01:11am]
Quickee update. Nothing special. I just got a new program other than what I used to use. So I'm teaching myself the ropes. Bear with me. For number 4, I'm sorry Sasuke fans. But you have to admit, he IS angsty. XD And for Konohamaru fans, for number 7, forgive me, but I hate that kid and his friends sometimes. They can be annoying. XD

Other than that, please enjoy. I hope that I didn't do TOO bad on these. Some of them are really old -- I just never got around to posting. Expect more soon. If you take, comment and credit. Also, please, no hot-linking.
Thanks for looking and please come by again~! ♥

o1 x [ Kiba ]
o1 x [ Izumo ]
o1 x [ Young Legendary 3 ]
o1 x [ Sasuke ]
o1 x [ Naruto/Sasuke ]
o2 x [ Naruto ]
o1 x [ Konohamaru Gumi ]
o1 x [ Kankuro ]
o1 x [ Rock Lee ]
Total icons: x o10;



No matter what, we'll still be friends. I'll always be right next to you...Collapse )
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[12 Mar 2005|06:45pm]
I'm back with a semi-large post. I come bearing more Naruto goodness. I tried to do some new things. ^^; I don't know if it's noticeable or not. Buuuuut, yeah. I don't know if I'm really too pleased with these at all. xD; But it's the effort that counts. INANYCASE, you're not here to hear me ramble, no? If you take, comment and credit either shaded_icons and/or overshaded. Thanks for stopping by! ^__^ <3

Remember, hotlinking = bad!

o1 x [ Kakashi ]
o4 x [ Jiraiya ]
o1 x [ Asuma ]
o1 x [ Izumo/Kotetsu ]
o4 x [ Shikamaru ]
o1 x [ Shikamaru/Temari]
o1 x [ Lee/Gai ]
o1 x [ Neji/Misc ]
o1 x [ Sakura ]

o1 x Friends Only Banner -- Jiraiya, Orochimaru, Tsunade, and 3rd-sama.


This time, take a good look at MY back--Collapse )
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[27 Feb 2005|08:25pm]
Meh, I got bored after work today. Not too many. I hope that they're okay. *Frets* ^^; Thanks for stopping by~ You know the drill, if you take, comment and credit. <3

o1 x [ Black Hayate ]
o1 x [ Fury ]
o4 x [ Roy ]
o1 x [ Havoc ]
o1 x [ Armstrong ]
o1 x [ Maes Hughes ]


Because deep down, we're all dogs of the militaryCollapse )

PIMPAGE: If you have time, please visit my friend and newest affiliate, selen_phobia. <3 Tell her Overshaded said hi. xDD
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FULL METAL ALCHEMIST TIME. [24 Feb 2005|01:22pm]
I've been experimenting with some new things. Bare with me, I'm self-teaching myself how to do stuff. 8D; Thus, they are not that great. But I hope someone likes them, atleast a little. <3 IF you take, comment, credit, and all that jazz. Thanks again for looking!

o2x [ Hughes ]
o2x [ Envy ]
o1x [ Scar ]
o2x [ Edward ]
o1x [ Young Al ]
Total icons: o8


Equivelant TradeCollapse )
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[20 Feb 2005|05:54pm]
Haha, it's been awhile, hasn't it? The sad part is -- I'm still not any better from last time. But I try, I try.

Here's three icons just to proove to you that I'm not dead and this journal WILL continue onwards. <3 I plan to do lots of FMA iconage sooner or later because I'm falling back inlove with it and it's fandom. So expect some of our favorite heroes, yours and mine, Ed, Al, and the whole FMA gang, man.

Same rules apply. If you take, comment and /credit/. ♥
o2x [ Gaara ]
o2x [ Kiba/Akamaru ] (Same icon. Just one moves).
Total icons: x o4

o1. o2. o3.

IMPORTANT! This icon Gaara icon is behind a cut for a certain reason. It is from a picture from the LATEST Naruto CHAPTER 248. If you don't know what Gaara's new "look" is, and don't want to be spoiled, then I suggest that you don't click here.

Tch, who needs love, anyways? ..........I do.Collapse )
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[26 Dec 2004|08:02pm]
I hope that everyone is enjoying their holiday season.
Here's another quickee Naruto batch. They're not my best. x__x; But I'm experimenting with things some more. So please bear with me? ^^;;
I'm sorry for the crapy post. But, if you do infact decide to take something, comment and credit. Thanks! And Happy New Year!

I promise to do other series batches soon. I'm going to be working on some Bleach once my episode finishes downloading. x3

o2x [Shikamaru] >>Variation of the same icon
o3x [Rock Lee]
o1x [Angsty Naruto]
o1x [Itachi]
o1x [Kiba]
o1x [Young Iruka]
o1x [Neji]
TOTAL: 10x Naruto Icons


I'll overcome any obstacle that life throws me!Collapse )
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[04 Dec 2004|05:26pm]
Le sigh. I'm not too impressed with these. At all. x_x But I'm posting them anyways in hopes that maybe, just maybe, they'll all find good homes.

It's another small Naruto batch. You know the deal. If you take, comment and credit. <3


o1x [Chouji] --This man needs more love.
o1x [Sasuke]
o1x [Sakura]
o2x [Naruto]
o4x [Sakura/Rock Lee] <--Two icons with their plain bases, too.
o1x [Naruto FOB]


You have seen sad times. Your eyes have told me soCollapse )
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[15 Nov 2004|07:43pm]
A small Naruto update. I hope that they're okay. x___x;;;
Same rules apply as always. If you take, comment and credit. <3

o3x [Sakura]
o2x [Naruto]
o1x [Kabuto]
o1x [Anko]
o1x [Shikamaru]
o2x [Sasuke] --Variation of the same icon.
o1x [Rock Lee]
TOTAL: 11 Naruto icons.


Sakura-san, I'll protect you until I die!Collapse )
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[07 Nov 2004|05:28pm]
This is a more of a "I'm teaching myself new things" post for my reference. I'm trying out new styles and such. I hope they came out okay. Huzzah to my first Bleach icon installment! I think I like doing Bleach. Expect more soon~

Regular rules apply. If you take, comment and credit. <3

o5 x [Bleach]


Ichigo is a Strawberry :DCollapse )
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[01 Nov 2004|08:16pm]
Contributing to the Naruto fandom, here are some icons. Mainly Team 8 characters.

Comment and credit if you're taking.

TOTAL Naruto icons: 09
o2x Hinata
o4x Kiba
o1x Shino
o1x Team 8
o1x Shikamaru
o1x Sasuke

COMMUNITY PIMPAGE: team_8. Because everyone loves Hinata, Kiba, Shino, and they're beautiful teacher. x)

One Naruto Friends Only Banner

FYI: Some of these were posted elsewhere, but never here in my personal journal. However, for the most part, they're brand new.


We are Fighting DreamersCollapse )
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